Philip at his workshop in Bangalore


Philip W. Peter is a full-time repairer and restorer of violins, violas, cellos and double basses. He offers services for customers all across India and has his workshop at Bangalore, India.  Philip traces his interest in violin repairing to his maternal grandfather, Lawrence Joseph, a violin maker in Ceylon (Srilanka) in the early 20th century, who then migrated to India. Philip fine tuned his skills in violin repair and violin varnish touch-up under Daniel Chen Olsen a master luthier in violin, bow and string making, based in Tokyo, Japan.

Apart from working at his workshop repairing instruments, Philip is a faculty member of the Bangalore School of Music where he teaches cello and plays with the Bangalore School of Music Chamber Orchestra as a cellist.

Services include:

  • Instrument Setup: This involves adjusting the Soundpost which is located inside the instrument, dressing the Fingerboard and Nut, fixing the Bridge and stringing the instrument.
  • Fixing new pegs: Stock pegs from the shop need to be shaped to exactly fit the peg holes, then cut to size and have holes drilled so that the string can be inserted. Peg compound is then used to allow for smooth turning action.
  • Bushing of Peg holes.
  • Replacing the Bridge: Bridges can get deformed with age, bending and sometimes breaking. These need to be replaced. Stock bridges need to be carved and fit perfectly in order to get a good tone. The feet of the bridge has to fit the contour of the top plate. Correct thickness and height of the bridge is crucial to a good sounding instrument.
  • Fashioning a new Soundpost. 
  • Replacing a Fingerboard.
  • Re-gluing of open seams
  • Repairing cracks to the instrument – Top plate, Back plate and Ribs
  • Re-gluing of old Bass bar.
  • Making and fixing a new Bass bar.
  • Re-angling and resetting a neck.
  • Grafting of broken Necks, Scrolls
  • Grafting new wood to missing or worm eaten parts.
  • Violin Restoration
  • Varnish touch-ups.
  • Complete re-varnishing
  • Rehairing of bows for all these stringed instruments.